Sunday, 28 June 2015

Blog is moving!

Hey all, my blog has been moved over to it's own domanin! I'm still getting the hang of using Wordpress and all that comes along with it but from now on, all posts shall be over at 
Check me out peeps!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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Ootd, Joe Browns Fleur De Lys Print Dress

Hey lovelies!
 Here is my outfit of the day and a review of the Joe Browns Fleur De Lys Print Dress, which I ordered from SimplyBe, in a size 22.
So here I am, in my little patio and feeling very lush in this dress!
It fits well on my bust and waist, not too short on the legs but I believe if I were taller, I would be flashing a fair bit of knicker. So watch out taller peeps, you may need to wear a pair of leggings underneath if you don't want to have a full on knicker in the street moment. Unless you do! Flash those knickers away :3
It has a really nice flare to it and feels almost like a full circle skirt. So plenty of room on the hips, I reckon you could also get away with a petticoat underneath to give it more OOMPH!

It's quite thin but not too thin to be see through.
 It's definitely a summer dress, flirty and bright!
 It also features a hidden side zip, which helps with getting large boobies into the dress, although if you use the side zip and have short arms like me, it's a two person job to get the dress up.

I would say that it is true to the sizing, I need to wear a size 22 in most dresses due to my boobies. The dress doesn't feature a stretchy back, like most dresses in this style usually do, so if you are larger on top and not comfortable with the fit, I would go a size up.

I would recommend this dress to anyone who loves floral, flirty and pretty things! Or anyone!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Birthday shenanigans

If anyone knows me personally, they will know that every year I become very very excited about my birthday. Like  7 year old on a sugar high, except in a 28 year old body. Last year, my partner and I went to the museums in London, which was absolutely bloody fantastic! I got to see dinosaurs, space ships, go to a burger king that had cherry coke (odd plus but I love cherry coke!)
This year, I managed to get the weekend off work, which is very needed after the past week.
I woke up to some pretty awesome presents!
First was the presents from my mum.
A Yankee candle, clean cotton. I never thought I'd like such an expensive candle but I do! It smells like fresh clean new sheets..which is a roll in the bed type of smell. It went perfectly with a bubble bath...where I used my other presents from my mum! A frosted cranberry gift set from Body Shop. It has a shower gel, body butter, loofah thingy and a body scrub thingy. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to use these, as I am allergic to cranberries but it seems, as long as I don't eat the shower gel, I'm all good!

I also got my very first MAC product! It was  a lipstick, Fresh Moroccan with a Frost style, so it's sparkly and pretty! I love it! I feel rather grown up having a make up brand that isn't super budget :p

Lastly, my husband brought me a sewing machine! A FREAKING SEWING MACHINE! I've been wanting one for over a year now and I spent most of my birthday making a skirt, which I shall be doing a blog post about in the next few days.  Sadly, I've forgotten to take pictures of my sewing machine but you here, have some pictures of me being ecstatic while sewing!

 After my sewing adventures, we went to a Japanese restaurant called Pompoko. Now this place is awesome, it's a house that's been converted to a little restaurant and it has 3 levels, all teeny tiny hallways and higgldy piggildy. I had a pork and rice dish with Honey and ginger sauce and it was so so so moorish. I love Japanese dishes, despite the fact I can't use chopsticks to save my life. After our meal, we went for a wee little walk and theeeeeeeeeeeen, saw....JURASSIC WORLD.
I shan't go into details, for spoiler sakes but it was amazing and I loved it. I could pick apart a few bits but I won't because...well..dinosaurs.

After a little walk home, we went to a ice cream parlour called JoJo's Gelato. I cannot recommend this place more. I had a chocolate nut sundae, with chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and pistachio nut ice cream and sauce and wafers. It was around £8 but as you can see by the's huge.

Matthew had a mint selection one, it was smaller but cheaper and still yummy.

It took us nearly an hour to finish our sundaes but it was well worth it. JoJo's was busy, despite it being nearly 11am. Not once was their no queue but still had excellent service, friendly staff and a friendly feeling to the place. I will be visiting again!

So all in all, I had a pretty darn good birthday!! :3 :3

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lady V London Wishlist

A little filler post, until I have a day off work to actually do some decent blogging!
Here is another little wishlist from me, this time Lady V London!

First off, we have this absolute stunner of a dress!

Yellow Floral Phoebe Dress

I love the floral print, the yellow would make my hair just POP and I love the cut of this dress. I am a little worried that I would end up with a bum shelf, due to the big bum and hips but you never know until you try!

Leopard Print Medusa Dress

As anyone who knows, that knows me, I'm obsessed with leopard print. Even to the point I have several print tattoos. So this dress is perfect for my tastes!  Although, I'm still hung up on VBO...not quite at the stage of tummy love to accept it quite yet but when I do...or when I'm brave enough, this dress will be mine!

And last but not least,

Japanese Black Floral Phoebe Dress

I love the print on this dress mainly, the purple and orange tones would make room for several accessories choices and again...the cut is amazing.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rosie Acid Wash Jeans and AX Paris Paisley top

First of all, excuse the very amateur pictures, the weather is very bad and I only have myself and my phone to take pictures with!

So, this is my review of the

Simply Be Denim Rosie Acid Wash Super Skinny Jeans Reg with High Waist


AX Paris Paisley Print Cami

 From Simply Be

Lets start with the jeans, shall we?

I got these jeans in the Indigo wash, I've ordered them in the past but they came with a very large tear, so I had to return them! Also, they are not true to sizing. I firstly ordered a size 22, thinking that with the stretch that they would fit well. And they didn't, they would not do up around my stomach, which was such a shame, as I adore the look of these jeans, very 80's! They did fit my legs perfectly, nice and tight and super skinny, which is what I was after. But alas, a size 22 was not meant to be.

So, after the kerfuffle of returning these jeans, I re-ordered a pair and went two sizes up. And they arrived today.

Now, they fit around my bum and waist, which is good.

But, the skinny effect has now disappeared.

They are baggy around the bottom of my legs and also my knees.

I'm starting to come to the conclusion, being a short fat girl, with a big bum and hips but small lower legs, that all my jeans are going to do this to me. I may have to stick with leggings for a skint tight feel!

Lets get to my favourite part of the outfit!

The Cami

I love this top!

It's so silky smooth, hangs nicely below the stomach line, which is usually a must for me but very hard to find, due to the large boobies.

Even pushing the Cami in, under the bust, it sits nice and low and feels so sexy against my skin!

It has a beautiful print, bright and summery.

The Lacy section around the top is very feminine and just adds a little OOMPH to the cami. I think you can dress this up, wear a really nice pair of black skinnys, heels and go out for a night on the town or meal. Or dress down with some shorts and sandals, for a day at the beach or chasing after the kids.

Also, another bonus is that it covers my bum! Not too tight around my hips, which I think would really suit the bigger hipped girls out there.

I've been after this Cami since Curvy Con and I am so glad that I have given in and bought it!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Simply Be Wislist

I've recently opened a credit account with Simply Be and as you can imagine, my mind is going wild with all the things that I could get.
Here are a few of the items that are really calling out to me.

First we have the

Threads Split Front Tea Dress

 I adore the colour of this dress and the print, it's very summery and I could imagine myself having cream tea and cakes with friends. I'm not sure on what the material would be like, it seems that it would have little to no stretch, so that is a concern on the sizing, if I do get this. But, I imagine that if I found the right size, I would love it! I adore the little sleeves also!

AX Paris Paisley Print Cami

I tried this on at Simply Be, after the Curvy Convention and I instantly fell in love! I tried on a size 20, which was a little too tight on my chest but it fell beautifully and was long enough to cover all my stomach, always a bonus! I will be ordering this ASAP, in a size 22.

Joe Browns Fleur De Lys Print Dress

This, I saw being tried on at the same day as the Cami above, I didn't get to try it on but I fell in love with the shape, the fall of the skirt and the print! I'm just waiting for it to be in stock again, I will be ordering as soon as it is!

Simply Be Denim Daisy Skinny Jeggings Reg With High Waist

I haven't had the best of luck with Simply Be sizing with jeans but I love the look of these Jeggings. I am hoping with them being jeggings, that the sizing will be more true to size and the colour is gorgeous. I'm trying to avoid black jeans, I have far too many pairs of those!